Giving Testimonials

"As a student, I had professors who were very supportive and encouraged me to succeed. FAMU is an absolute resource for blacks in this country a, and it must exist. It's important that when you have been blessed, you give back so that others can benefit. My wife, Geraldine and I, leave this gift to help future high achieving students succeed."

Mirion P. Bowers, MD, Class of 1957

"I feel strongly about financially supporting Florida A&M, and my personal commitment to help others. Thus leaving a legacy gift helps to educate future generations and is essential to the surviving and thriving of this great institution. When you give, you never lose -- for it is by giving, one receives."

Dr. Freddie G. Young, Class of 1961

"I will always be grateful to the FAMU professors who challenged me academically and became mentors. They prepared me to excel in my field and in graduate school. I was blessed to receive an academic scholarship, and I would like to pass it on. My bequest ensures that talented students will have the same opportunity to receive a quality education and make lasting friendships and relations. Imagine the possibilities if every Rattler followed suit."

Kathy Y. Times, Class of 1988

Jemal Gibson



"Many people come to FAMU from various walks of life. Before I came to FAMU, I had gone to 11 schools, living with many families and in many different households. FAMU became a home for me, and I became a man... So I'm grateful to play a small role to help FAMU continue to be a home for those to come after me."

Jemal O. Gibson, Class of 1988

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