Dr. Anne Gayles-Felton

Centennial Gala Celebration

Many of Dr. Anne Gayles-Felton's colleagues and students have been inspired by her work and achievements. Dr. Anne Galyes-Felton's professional career concentration was secondary education, undergraduate, and graduate studies. She is well known nationally for her commitment and contributions to education. She is an internationally renown, highly sought-after writer and researcher.

Dr. Anne Gayles-Felton co-authors the book “The History of the School of Education 1887-2000”. There is a rich history and legacy of the College of Education that must be preserved through Dr. Anne Gayles-Felton's endowed scholarship Fund.

Dr. Anne Gayles-Felton created a scholarship fund to provide financial assistance for undergraduate students pursuing a degree in secondary education. Having served students for 50 years at the College of Education, Dr. Anne Gayles-Felton knows how financial challenges have affected many students she's encountered during her teaching career. Contributions and pledges are greatly appreciated.

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Sunday, June 4
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
A portion of all ticket prices includes a donation to Dr. Gayles-Felton's scholarship with the College of Education.
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